Reliance Power Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

Reliance Power, the energy giant from the Ambani stable, has been on a bumpy ride. But could its future be brighter than its past?

Current Snapshot:

  • Trading at ₹31.5, down from ₹155 in 2013
Stock Price CAGR
10 Years:-7%
5 Years:1%
3 Years:106%
1 Year:118%

Future Forecast:


  • Target range: ₹36 to ₹56, with potential highs in May-June (₹42, ₹45).
  • Month-by-month breakdown provides a clear roadmap for potential fluctuations.


  • Bullish outlook, with target range of ₹58 to ₹82.
  • Peak potential seen in July-August (₹81, ₹78).

Beyond 2025:

  • Steady upward trajectory predicted, reaching heights of:
    • ₹75 to ₹115 by 2026.
    • ₹121 to ₹164 by 2028.
    • ₹154 to ₹215 by 2030.
    • And a dazzling ₹262 to ₹344 by 2035!

Why the Optimism?

  • Reliance Power’s diverse portfolio, spanning coal, gas, solar, and hydro, positions it well for future energy demands.
  • Potential government push for renewable energy could be a tailwind.
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But Hold Your Horses:

  • Low return on equity (-5.76% over 3 years) and declining promoter holding raise concerns.
  • Negative sales growth (-4.69% over 5 years) needs addressing.

The Bottom Line:

Reliance Power’s future holds promise, but with potential potholes along the way. Thorough research and a cautious approach are essential before investing.

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