Tata This Energy Stock Make Big Plan Beat Suzlon Energy

Tata’s energy subsidiary has unveiled a groundbreaking scheme to invest ₹70,800 crores in Tamil Nadu, earmarked for projects aimed at generating energy. Following this news, the Tata Energy stock witnessed a 2% surge on Tuesday, with stock analysts predicting a potential for further rapid growth.

This ambitious plan involves establishing projects on 50,000 acres of land in Tamil Nadu, dedicated to harnessing solar and wind energy. The company’s production capacity is expected to soar, enabling Tata to not only meet increased energy demand but also potentially boost overall company growth and profitability.

Brokerage Insights:

According to Sumit Bagadia, analyzing the company’s share chart patterns reveals robust strength, suggesting the possibility of substantial upward momentum in the stock’s fundamentals. Currently trading around the ₹340 mark, there is speculation of the stock reaching levels above ₹360, possibly even touching ₹375. Additionally, experts recommend setting a stop loss at ₹325 for those considering trading Tata Energy stocks.

By now, it’s evident that this news pertains to Tata Power Company Limited, which, when compared to Suzlon Energy, appears to be a more reliable choice for investors. Notably, prominent experts maintain high hopes for Tata Power shares. Hopefully, this information proves beneficial to you. Thank you!

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